I take great care and pride in the work I do as I know what these key moments in life mean to all of us. Have a look below and if you have any particular requests that are not listed, please send me a message and I would be happy to tailor a ceremony specifically around your personal needs.


Weddings and commitment ceremonies are full of happiness and excitement. Congratulations on your decision as a couple to commit to each other. Alison has nurtured and guided many couples through the process of developing a unique ceremony that reflects their relationship.

Alison also ensures all legal requirements for your marriage are handled efficiently. The stress of the legality of your marriage is simply removed, with all the paperwork before, during and after your ceremony. Alison is able to recommend wedding specialists to assist with your day, from photographers to venues.

These are just some of the benefits of inviting Alison to conduct your ceremony.

Alison is able to assist with linking you into the perfect wedding photographer for your event, thanks to the contacts she has made throughout her years of experience. To find out more about wedding photographers in Freshwater, Sydney and the Northern Beaches, please click here.

Alison supports same-sex relationships and would be honoured to conduct your commitment ceremony with the respect and excitement that is due to all relationships.



Saying goodbye to a friend or loved one is never easy. And there is a lot involved in preparing that final farewell – more than you should have to be worrying about at this sad time.

After all, nobody ever wants to plan a funeral.

It’s this sensitivity that has become a trademark of Alison’s work.

Alison is open to you contacting her directly at any time, to conduct a loving and warm farewell. Offering not only the funeral ceremony, Alison is able to guide you through creating eulogies, music choices, photo choices if required, and an Order of Service that can be distributed to attendees.

Alison will assist you in preparing for the funeral, and dedicate her time to the bereaved to ensure that nothing is left unsaid at this farewell.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Alison to see how she can help you at this time.

Other Ceremonies

There are so many things to celebrate in life!

One of the greatest joys for Alison is conducting a marriage or commitment ceremony, and then being asked to return to perform baby dedications or naming ceremonies! These are glimpses into the way relationships grow and change, and Alison has the privilege of being there for all of those special moments.

Being a celebrant is about celebrating life – new life, lives committed to each other, the story of lives well lived. Contact Alison today, to see how she can help you turn your memories into moments!